Martyn is Warriner & Co's Managing Director and is also a founding partner of the CAERUS Capital Group now Quilter Financial Limited. He has 29 years of experience in retail and commercial financial services specialising in Wealth Management. His passion for detail, quality and accountability is reflected in the close and confidential financial relationships he has with his clients. Martyn and his clients communicate with each other on a regular basis, ensuring proactive decisions can be planned and are key to the on-going relationship.

The determination to obtain the best results for his clients has been founded on Martyn's own 12 year International Hockey career, he has represented Great Britain and England 178 times culminating in a Gold Medal in the Seoul Olympic Games in 1988. The strong close bond built between team players is reflected and shared with his clients for whom a full range of trusted and reliable advice is the norm.



I was initially introduced to Martyn Grimley of Warriner & Co by an ex- colleague of my wife's, who had worked for Martyn as she transitioned from secondary school teacher to financial advisor. I had sold a substantial asset of my company's and required professional advice about suitable investment of the proceeds. At the same time I asked for similar introductions to financial advisor’s from the company's auditors and together with my Financial Director held a "beauty parade" to determine whom to appoint.

It was quickly apparent that Martyn offered the greatest breadth of knowledge among the contestants and also that he showed an understanding of both my company and my personal objectives that was lacking in the others.

That was in early 2012 and since then Martyn has continued to provide me, my wife and children with advice which has helped navigate the disposal of my business and the first few years (so far!) of my retirement. He is clearly backed by a competent team with whom he has been able to tailor his service to encompass all aspects of my various pension arrangements, updating these as circumstances and legislation change. The significant planning this has required has been clearly described in lay terms so that we all can grasp the details and continues to include cash-flow modelling (reassuringly accurate!) and inheritance tax planning. I am confident that should I predecease my wife then Martyn will continue to provide the same service.

R.H, London

We have known Martyn for over 20 years and, as well as a good friend, he is a very trusted financial adviser. His thorough research, coupled with his deep understanding of our approach to risk and our personal circumstances, always ensures that he presents the optimal solution for our investment needs and other financial planning.

With his interesting sporting past, blend of humour, discretion, pro-activity and excellent responsiveness, he is good fun to work with, very good at explaining things and provides a great client service. We would happily recommend him to anyone. His one weakness is hot curries.

A & JD, Mortlake