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At Warriner Wealth Management our aim is to provide exceptional Independent Financial Advice to both private and corporate clients.

Martyn Grimley is Warriner Wealth Management's Principal Financial Adviser, previously a founding partner of the CAERUS Capital Group. He has 31 years' experience in retail and commercial financial services, where he specialises in the Wealth Management sector.

We consult with our clients on a regular basis. This regular communication ensures proactive decisions can be planned and is key to the advisor/client relationship. It ensures a client's financial plan remains both appropriate and on track. Our belief is that regular contact and small adjustments to your financial plan over time can make the difference between a good and great outcome for our clients. These values are key to our client relationships and the delivery of our service.

Our investment process is based on our passion for detail, quality and accountability with the determination to obtain the best possible result for our clients. These guiding principals were founded on Martyn's own 12 year international hockey career. He represented Great Britain and England 178 times culminating in a Gold Medal performance at the Seoul Olympic games in 1988. The strong and close bond built between team players is reflected and shared between ourselves and our clients for whom a full range of trusted and reliable advice is the norm.
As Independent Financial Advisors we are able to select providers from the whole of market, ensuring your needs can be arranged from the greatest range of services available. Our wealth planners, para planners and support staff are committed to providing a first class service to our clients while remaining at the forefront of technical delivery and solution design, helping successful individuals and their families achieve everything that is important in their lives.

Our Advice Process

Warriner Wealth Management offer a truly bespoke approach to managing your financial affairs. We have found that all of our clients benefit from having a clear understanding of their current financial position. Our investment process helps clients use this knowledge as a foundation to build a better financial future and maximise the investment of your hard earned capital.

We use sophisticated financial planning software to help clients understand the potential effects of making financial decisions, helping them decide the right direction and strategy from a range of possible 'what if' scenarios. We offer advice in each of the following areas: investment and pension advice, all forms of protection planning including critical illness and life cover. We also offer a range of advice covering estate planning and later life care. All our financial plans combine to create your own personal strategy helping you to see how your investments might work in combination with inflation, income, expenditure and your personal objectives.

We use a six step process to deliver your financial strategy which is directly aligned to your individual aspirations, objectives and goals.


An introductory discussion to exchange information and to fully explain how our services work. We will answer any questions you may have.


Helping you picture where you stand right now and where you could get too with careful planning and investment.

Research & Analysis

We research and analyse products and services from the whole of market to asses possible planning opportunities.


We present and discuss our recommendations in a personal financial report. This ensures that we are clearly meeting the clients requirements and expectations.


We prepare and help you complete the necessary paperwork to implement the chosen recommendations.

On-Going Service

Clients benefit from a range of servicing options to ensure that their financial plans remain on track.

' Invest in the future because that is where you are going to spend the rest of your life.'

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The Team

Martyn Grimley

Principal Financial Adviser

John O'Hara

Senior Wealth Adviser

Jawaad Tanwir


Jennifer Glover

Senior Administrator

Sarah Johnson

Junior Administrator 

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We try to keep our planning simple to understand and easy on the eye. We hope you find our blog content both of those things. Should you wish to understand more about any of these topics then please feel free to contact us for more details.

Cash Flow Planning

This video is designed to give clients a brief understandingidea of how we use our cash flow planning software...

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